To foster interdisciplinary research collaboration amongst CPCE colleagues and researchers at other institutions or organisations external to CPCE, Research Interest Groups (RIGs) of various pedagogical research topics have been formed under CPCE Centre for Pedagogic Research.

Research Interest Groups and the Pedagogical Research Topics

Research Topics

Research Topics Convener
–   Technology-enabled assessment,
–   Rubrics,
–   Assessment of higher order thinking skills, and
–   Alternative assessment, etc.
Dr Anand VYAS
Online/Blended Learning and Teaching
–   Student engagement, and
–   Pedagogy, etc.
Dr Adam WONG
Teacher Professional Development
–   Teacher learning communities, and
–   Technology-supported professional development for teachers, etc.
Space & Learning
–   Smart classroom, and
–   Smart campus, etc.
Mr Hoi-wood CHANG
Education for Sustainable Development
–   Integration of knowledge across different disciplines
Dr Oscar CHIU
Multimodal Learning/Pedagogy Dr Nathan PHUA
Student Voices
–   Learning styles,
–   Student engagement,
–   Students’ well-being,
–   Motivation, and
–   Interactions with lecturers in the new normal, etc.
Dr On-ting LO
Active Learning
Collaborative learning activities
– Inquiry-based projects
– Games, simulations and playful learning, etc.

Mr Noble LO


Artificial Intelligence in Education
-Teaching and learning of AI​
-AI for teaching tourism and hospitality ​
-AI techniques for linguistic metaphor identification in Chinese​
-AI and educational technology
Dr Kwong-cheong WONG


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