Representative Research Publications

Journal Articles

Names of Members and Associate Members Journal Articles
Dr Eric CHEUNG LM Forey, G. & Cheung, L. M. E. (2019). The benefits of explicit teaching of language for curriculum learning in the Physical Education classroom. Journal of English for Specific Purposes, 54, 91-109.
Lee, J. S. Y., Cheung, L. M. E., Saberi, D., & Webster, J. (2019). Expanding students’ registerial repertoire with a writing assistance tool. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 42, 10077.
Cheung, L. M. E. (2015). Legitimising knowers’ multiple voices in L2 postgraduate writing. TESOL International Journal, 10(1), 61-72.
Dr Joseph LAU YY Chan, I., Lau, Y. Y., & Lee, W. S. W. (2020). Adoption of knowledge creation model in team-based project to support student engagement. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 14(11), 1-15.
Chan, I. & Lau, Y. Y. (2021). Learning from the greats: Identifying three knowledge sharing pillars to direct knowledge management initiatives in higher education institutions. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 15(2), 415-430.
He, D., Zheng, M., Cheng, W., Lau, Y. Y., & Yin, Q. (2019). Interaction between higher education outputs and industrial structure evolution: Evidence from Hubei Province, China. Sustainability, 11(10), 2923-2941.
Lau, Y. Y. C. D., Tang, Y. M., & Ng, A. K. Y. (2021). Maritime undergraduate students: Career expectations and choices. Sustainability, 13, 4297-4315.
Lau, Y. Y., & Ng, A. K. Y. (2015). The motivations and expectations of students pursuing maritime education. WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs, 14, 313-331.
Lau, Y. Y., Tang, Y. M., Chau, K. Y., & Ho, Y. H.(2021). Pilot study of heartbeat sensors for data streaming in virtual reality (VR) training. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 15(3), 30-41.
Tang, Y. M., Chen, P. C., Law, K. M. Y., Wu, C. H., Lau, Y, Guan J, He, D., & Ho, G. T. S. (2021). Comparative studies for students’ readiness in live online learning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in higher education sector, Computers & Education, 168, 104211.
Dr Vincent LAW TS Law, V. T. S., Yee, H. H. L., Ng, T. K. C., & Fong, B. Y. F. (2022). Transition from traditional to online learning in Hong Kong tertiary educational institutions during COVID-19 pandemic. Technology, Knowledge and Learning.
Dr Daisy LEE SM Ng, P., Lee, D., Wong, P., & Lam, R. (2020). Making a higher education institution choice: differences in the susceptibility to online information on students’ advice- seeking behavior. Online Information Review, 44(4), 847-861.
Wong, P., Lee, D., Ng, P., & Lam, R. (2019). Examining the impact of perceived source credibility on attitudes and intentions towards taking advice from others on university choice. International Journal of Educational Management, 34(4), 709-724.
Wong, P., Lee, D., & Ng, P. (2018). Online search for information about universities: a Hong Kong study. International Journal of Educational Management, 32(3), 511-524.
Dr Angela TAM CF Tam, A. C. F. (2021). Undergraduate students’ perceptions of and responses to exemplar-based dialogic feedback. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 46(2), 269-285.
Dr Edmund WUT TM and Dr Bill XU Wut, T. M. & Xu, J. B. (2021). Person-to-person interactions in online classroom settings under the impact of COVID-19: Perspective from social presence theory. Asia Pacific Education Review, 22, 371-383.

Conference Papers & Other Scholarly Outputs

Names of Members and Associate Members Conference Papers and Other Scholarly Outputs
Dr Daisy LEE SM Lee, D. (July 2021). The use of gamified online exercises, Google and Facebook certifications, and authentic assessments in undergraduate digital marketing curriculum. Academy of Marketing 2021 Conference, Online.

Wong, K. L., & Lee, D. (March 2021). Factors affecting the choice of modes of learning by employees to acquire digital skills. 15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Online.

Dr Chammy LAU YL Lau, Y. L. C. & To, J. (June 24-26 2021). Exploring the use of experimental learning using a 3D virtual reality tour-guiding platform: a case of post- secondary students in Hong Kong. HKAECT International Conference 2021: A New Paradigm for Digital Communication and Learning: Changes and Challenges. The University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong SAR, China
Dr Joseph LAU YY Lau, Y. Y., Chan, I., & Sum, C. (2021). Nurturing sub-degree students with professionalism – An experience to instill growth mindset and self-determination through competition, The Qualitative Report Conference, Florida, USA.

Lau, Y. Y., Tang, Y. M. & Guan, J. (2020). Exploring college student leadership experience of peer learning, Virtual Doctoral Conference, School of Education, University of Bristol.

Lau, Y. Y. & Yip, T. L. (2020). Social transformation of education in Hong Kong: Changes of student mix and behaviours, 3rd Annual China and Higher Education Conference, United Kingdom.

Tang, Y. M. & Lau, Y. Y. (2020). Medical training with virtual reality (VR) for the aged, CPCE Health Conference 2020, Hong Kong.