Student Researchers/Research Personnel

With the aim of enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning and pedagogic research in the higher education sector, the CPCE Centre for Pedagogic Research (CPCECPR) is committed to actively engaging  in research to discover, elucidate and evaluate new ideas, knowledge, and technologies that drive the future of society.   

When the research personnel and student researchers at CPCE engage in research, scholarly and creative activities, it fosters professional excellence in faculty important for the delivery of teaching and learning. The research component also broadens the educational experience of students when they apply new thought processes through studies and testing. In turn, they become better students who are best prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.  It rewards them professionally by getting their names out into the research community before they graduate.  Other benefits of participating in research include increasing self-confidencelearning to work independently, understanding how knowledge is constructedand setting a clearer career path. 

The CPCECPR encourages its members and research personnel to collaborate with student researchers on various research projects.  Students have good opportunities to take an active role in research projects, while at the same time learning proper investigative techniques.  Research personnel will mentor student researchers and assistants in various ways, including literature searching, data collection, data entry, and manuscript development.  It is believed the collective work between research personnel, student researchers and assistants will be a successful combination.  The CPCECPR eagers to orchestra the continuation of these research efforts to open the possibilities that research can reveal. 

The CPCECPR will engage research personnel and four types of student resources to foster research-related opportunities at CPCE. 

Personnel  Research-related Opportunity 
  • Research Personnel
  • Project supervisors
  • Visiting Scholars
  • currently performing teaching or pedagogical research and in need of additional workforce for fundamental research work, such as data entry and transcription of interview scripts
  • want to nurture students in research projects and transform the idea collective as robust output
  • come up with a research idea related to teaching excellence or pedagogy and expect to conduct a preliminary seed project
  • invite Visiting Scholars to share research insights and knowledge in the field of pedagogic research
Student Researchers Student researchers can transform their research ideas into robust output (e.g. conference papers, journal papers, and book chapters).
Student Assistants Student assistants will assist project supervisors in carrying out research-related activities.
Student Helpers Student helpers are provided with meaningful work opportunities to assist in administrative work and event design and provide marketing support for CPCECPR related activities.
Student Ambassadors Student ambassadors are provided with meaningful work opportunities to promote CPCECPR events and activities and offer general event support.