Message from the CPCECPR Advisor

The major roles of universities are to create and deliver knowledge. Thus, the most fundamental duties of university academics are performing quality teaching and research. Thanks to the excellent effort and professional expertise of our colleagues, the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) enjoys a very good reputation for professional recognition and wholehearted teaching of its academic programmes. We fully understand the importance of speeding up our pace of research if upgrading to university status is our immediate target.  Starting from January 2019, CPCE has established the following Research Centres with the aid of external research grants, including the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) of the University Grants Committee (UGC) and the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) of the Education Bureau (EDB):

Date Research Centre  External Grant
January 2019 Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research UGC/IDS
January 2020 Research Centre for Advanced Design, Materials and Manufacturing Technologies UGC/IDS
January 2021 Research Centre for Green Energy, Transport and Building UGC/IDS
March 2021 CPCE Centre for Pedagogic Research EDB/QESS

of our Research Centres serves as solid platform to facilitate research activities in targeted professional areas with the following aims: 

(1) To motivate research and scholarly activities; 

(2) To broaden our research network; 

(3) To develop critical mass in research; 

(4) To underpin our teaching with research effort; and 

(5) To enhance impacts by encouraging multi-disciplinary research collaborations.    

Among our four Research Centres, the Centre for Pedagogic Research (CPR) is specially characterised by utilising our excellent knowledge and teaching experience in specific disciplines, for example, the teaching of healthcare management, materials technology and green transport.  Certainly, to continuously improve our teaching quality and hence academic programmes by developing better teaching methodologies is also an important goal. Thus, the CPR is established with close collaboration among the four CPCE Divisions.    

Leung Chun-wah, PhD
Professor and Associate Dean (Research)
College of Professional and Continuing Education