To be a committed provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and solutions to support pedagogic research.

Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software For any enquiries, please email to cpr@cpce-polyu.edu.hk.

 Hardware Items CPCE Research Co-working Space (WK-1408) On Request (Virtual Access)
Canon Digital camera

Sony Digital camera

Voice recorder


Microsoft Azure Kinect DK

OCR smart recording pen

Software SurveyMonkey


Note: New versions of the software are released by the developer from time to time. Information will be updated in due course.

Links of Free Software Tutorials

  1. Survey Monkey: Free training course- SurveyMonkey to Create a Survey and Analyze Results (coursera.org) https://www.coursera.org/projects/create-survey-analyze-results-with-surveymonkey?action=enroll